Loans without documentation – Easy, fast and secure

When you borrow from a loan provider online, you have the opportunity to achieve what you want – both in your near future and in the long run.

With the internet-based loan, you get real money available without having to go through a cumbersome, tiring and incomprehensible application process. The money is yours after a short turnaround time and you can do with it as you please.

Loans without documentation make your dreams tangible

Loans without documentation make your dreams tangible

If there is something most adult people have in common, then these are concerns about the private economy. Money is the engine of modern society. It is the numbers in our bank accounts, the notes in the purse and the coins in the piggy bank that largely determine our options – and our limitations.

At times, the private economy may need first aid. Extra oxygen provides energy, freedom and opportunities. A loan allows you to organize your everyday life the way you want without having to compromise.

Loans open doors to people. Some dream of tangible goods, while others need financial support to cover unforeseen expenses that would otherwise overthrow the budget. The purpose may be different – but for many, the remedy is the same: a fast and realistic loan that can be borrowed without having to show documentation.

The bank can be troublesome


These are the few people who go through a lifetime without taking out loans. To realize a life of housing, cottage, car and travel, it is necessary to borrow. Historically, traditional banks have had a monopoly on loans to individuals. With digital development, however, a competitor has found its way to the market. Loan providers on the web offer the customer a variety of options that are different from the classic bank – and that appeals to the borrowers.

Several find that the application process is slow and cumbersome in the traditional bank, which is largely characterized by strict, bureaucratic agendas. It is difficult to get up in person at the bank, just as it is difficult to have various conversations with bank employees. These are efforts that are out of place and temperament in a stressful everyday life.

Many patrons are private individuals who want to keep their dreams and aspirations to themselves. A consumer loan from a bank requires documentation and justification, but the purpose of the loan is subordinate to online loan providers. When the individual wants to borrow money, an online loan has become attractive without security and documentation.

Simple loan – simple application process


With the online loan, the loan companies have cut to the bone. Gone are the many demands, applications and forms. Instead of having to confront the tired bank advisor with the candy and coffee spirit, an online loan requires only the borrower to have an Internet connection, Easy ID and in some cases a number of documents that say something about the borrower’s finances.

Many loan companies offer a more user-friendly loan – an online loan without documentation. This type of loan is obtained by giving the loan provider access to a few personal information.

The few information needed to apply for a documentation-free online loan is provided on the application when applying on the loan provider’s website. Easy ID is required for all loans as it serves as personal identification. Applicants who are not Danish citizens and authorities cannot obtain a loan agreement from a Danish loan company. Often it is also a requirement of the companies that the borrower is not registered in RKI. This information is obtained by the company when you identify yourself with your Easy ID, just as Easy ID allows the approved applicant to accept the loan and sign a loan agreement.

A loan that fits the modern life

A loan that fits the modern life

It is never comfortable to be in a situation where money is lacking. And there is no doubt that the worries are less when the money is more.

With many chores around the ears and too little money between hands, it can be difficult to find the time and the will to roll a thumb while slow processing the loan application. This is avoided with a loan without documentation, avoiding all unnecessary administration.

The loan company’s business model is based on a fast and easy application process. When professionals do not have to assess budgets, annual statements and paychecks, this goal succeeded. This is the case with the document-free loan without collateral, thereby ensuring an efficient process whereby the money, with some companies, can be in the customer’s account on the day the application is sent.

A loan without documentation is just one option out of many when it comes to online loans. The loan providers online have different requirements and terms. While a loan without documentation does not require you to attach your most recent paycheck in the application, there are other types of online loans that require the application to include more financial and private information. For example, some providers may find the borrower’s annual statement, marital status, marital status and income relevant.

Borrower’s responsibility

An online loan without documentation is easy to get to, as there are not many requirements for the borrower. At the same time, it means that the borrower must assess whether it is reasonable to take out the loan. Where the bank’s bank adviser assesses the borrower’s finances, the borrower must, by means of an online loan, decide for himself whether he or she will be able to comply with the loan agreement.

Personal consequences of default

You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for an online loan as you must be responsible for your choice of loan. Failure to repay the loan as agreed can have serious consequences.

Often, the loan company will impose additional interest on the borrower, such as fines and fees, if the loan agreement is not complied with. The fact that an online loan without security and documentation has become popular shows that this type of loan simply speaks to the people who want easy solutions and fewer requirements.

Be careful not to jump in with both legs. Although an online loan can give you what you want, it is important that you do not take out a loan you cannot afford. It should therefore be possible for you to repay the loan so that you do not end up with a bad economy.


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